Martin Luther King Blvd Plumbing and Heating is a family owned business and our professionals have been serving the New York for over years. We have years of combined experience in the plumbing and heating industry. We specialize in service, repair and installation of furnaces, air conditioning units, heat pumps, water tanks and boilers as well as plumbing installations and service. Plumbing repairs are our specialty. Need new taps? Toilet leaking? Dishwasher hookup? Call us!


Leak detection and repair

Martin Luther King Blvd Plumbing and Heating has been in business and building an outstanding reputation and a name that is synonymous with leak detection. We utilize today’s most advanced and innovative leak detection technology, combining proprietary equipment developed and manufactured in-house for our exclusive use with the finest specialized off-the-shelf hardware available in the world.

The expertise of our technicians is unsurpassed in the industry, with skills developed through years of field experience.  The combined experience is the key to our unmatched accuracy, service, and customer satisfaction. Plumbing leaks occur in all types of pipe material without regard for the location in which it is installed:  Leaks occur in copper, galvanized steel, ductile iron, and all forms of plastic piping and in every conceivable location inside, outside, above or below ground.

Our winning combination of specialized technology, highly-trained and experienced leak technicians, and company commitment to outstanding customer service